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We live our lives. We make our marks. A hundred years from now, most of us will be forgotten. I take pictures from the media of the beautiful, the famous and the powerful. I combine their images with cans that I find crushed on the street. These people are anonymous. Their fame is as fleeting as the garbage that now frames them. Yet for brief periods we adore them. To us, they are larger than life. They guide our lives, telling us how to look and behave. Our attention spans are short and we quickly replace them with the next shiny thing to catch our eye.

To me, there is beauty in our garbage. It might be the way that light comes through torn up, plastic shopping bags or it might be the wrinkles and dirt on the surface of an old beer can.

Spirituality, I believe, is ever evolving. As we become less conventionally religious, our worship finds other avenues of expression. It might be the new pop star or the latest fashion or even this year’s hot new energy drink. With my pictures, I strive to combine the elements of what our society values but throws away. To give them a meaning that is deeper than the superficial. To give them some of that evolving spirituality. To find the beauty in what we have left behind.